Platige and Juice create THU Movie

Posted on: May 28, 2015
  • 3D
The storyboard has been signed off, the movie is in the making...

When Trojan Horse was a Unicorn screened the official 2014 movie in September 2014, it was a magical moment for the THU Tribe. The handiwork of Techno Image in Brazil, the film went on to win a Silver Award at a New York film festival in the Animation category. With the pressure on for 2015, we are extremely excited and honoured to have Platige Image and Juice on board to concept and create the official 2015 movie. The storyboard has now been signed off, and the moving is in the making. We’re not giving anything away just yet, but we can say this: Expect the unexpected!

The film will screen at THU 2015 on Day One of the festival. it will also be streamed live to the virtual attendees.