THU Meetups

When an event is as special to so many people as Trojan Horse was a Unicorn, expect meetups around the world to bring people to together throughout the year.

Latest THU Meetups


London - United Kingdom


Warsaw - Poland


Zagreb - Croatia

Hosted by Marko Zets Prpic the mind behind IFCC festival in the beautiful city of Zagreb, this meetup counted with many familiar names, such as Jana Schirmer, Furio Tedeschi, Justin Goby Fields, Geoffrey Ernault, Mike Azevedo, Ben Mauro and others. Here we announced the launch of our new THU 2015 website to the world.

São Paulo - Brazil

Hosted at Techno Image and streamed live to the world, the Sao Paulo meetup brought together THU 2015 speaker Mike Azevedo with THU 2014 speakers Victor Hugo and Pedro Conti. A very special message from Scott Ross was also screened to the world: the announcement of THU TV!


Berlin - Germany

Out first Pioneer-led meetup was in Berlin, hosted by THU Pioneers and sponsored by Wooga. Michael Kutsche also graced the stage to share the big reveal of the THU 2015 poster, designed and created by Michael exclusively for THU. Over 350 people joined the event from all over the world!