Golden Ticket Challenge

Each year, THU offers one lucky artist a golden opportunity to visit Tróia, accompany the guest artists throughout the festival - and the best part? The ticket, travel, flights, and 5-star accommodation is on us! The winner will also take home a massive pool of prizes from our industry sponsors.
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2013THU Friend or Foe
Dor Shamirsee more about 2013 Challenge
2014THU Warrior
Max Kostenkosee more about 2014 Challenge
2015THU Tribe
Jakob Eirich (Yakonosuke)see more about 2015 Challenge

2015  THU Tribe

This year, it's all about The Tribe. We challenged artists all around the world to design a digital image of the 'THU Tribe' , whether that's shown by a character, a set of characters, a landscape, or something abstract. We always encourage creativity!

Jakob Eirich who has been a freelance concept artist and illustrator since 2010 is living and working in Salzgitter, Germany. His clients are usually from games, animation, advertising and books, like Ubisoft, Axis Animation, Harper Collins and many more.
Jakob Eirich (Yakonosuke)
2nd Place
Mariano Steiner
3rd Place
Julian Santiago
Honorable mentions
Maia Zeidan
Te Hu

A special salute

This year’s THU2015 GoldenTicket Challenge was supported by our Challenge Sponsor CG Society. With their help we were able to collect 141 entries featuring some amazing quality work! We are proud to partner with such an incredible platform that’s empowered many artists around the world.

2014  THU Warrior

In 2014, the challenge was to create a THU Warrior. As always, entrants went above and beyond to cook up some incredibly creative concepts using a variety of software

Our 2014 winner was Max Kostenko. Max is a talented digital artist from Moscow, specialising in illustration and character design. He works primarily for animations, advertising, and feature films, and has had work published in a variety of books and magazines, including Imagine FX, 2dartist, as well as others. His remarkable entry was a deserving winner that won Max the chance to visit Tróia, mingle with his heroes, and make new friends for life!
Max Kostenko
Honorable mentions
Renan Porto
Olga 'Asu' Andriyenko
Carlos Vidal Torres
Khiew Jit Chun

2013  THU Friend or Foe

The 2013 challenge asked artists to depict a 'Friend or Foe'; to digitally create a new character that could be associated with the Trojan Horse was a Unicorn mascot. Think a sidekick, like Robin is to Batman, or a villain, like Darth Vader!

Dor Shamir struck gold in 2013! Having always loved creating characters, and fascinated by the cinema and cartoons, he drew on his 10 years of experience in the industry to design and perfect his Foe. Prior to winning the competition, Dor had been a freelancer for companies in Paris, Tel-Aviv, Los Angeles, New York, and Shanghai, working as a visual development artist, compositor, and art director.
Dor Shamir
Honorable mentions
Daniel Djanie
Lourenço Abreu
Stefano Carta
Loïc Bramoullé