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In just three short years, THU has gone from a small event for 250 attendees to a sell-out festival for 500 artists from more than 45 countries around the globe.

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2013The Birth of the Unicorn

From humble beginnings. THU/2013 was born from an idea to bring together the brightest talents from the industry in a place that would allow for a sense of belonging, all the while promoting Portugal's talents to the wider world.

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2014The First Battle

In 2014, we took THU to a new level. The Tribe was born. Welcoming 500 attendees from 45 countries, THU became more than just a festival: for four days in September, Tróia became home to our wonderful, talented, global family.

see the 2014 THU experience
see the 2014 THU experience

Highlights of 2014 edition

"Welcome home!" was the opening statement on the morning of Day One by THU Ambassador, Scott Ross. At THU there are no VIPs - everyone is there to share, to talk, and to help one another. It's a relationship between artists and speakers.

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Highlights of 2013 edition

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see the 2013 THU experience
see the 2013 THU experience
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Without these incredible people, THU today would not be possible. These are the forward-thinkers that took a chance on THU/2013 and helped us to create a future for the industry's best event.