What is THU?

THU is a unique experience that has changed the way artists relate to digital arts events. The friends you make at THU will change the way you discover art; they’ll help you to forge new opportunities and discover new countries.

At THU you will learn secrets, network with the best artists on the planet, and you’ll leave as a new person.

see the THU Manifesto
see the THU Manifesto

Finding  your magic
Is an  inside job

The THU Manifesto serves to inspire and encourage artists and creatives all around the world. Whatever medium you work in, and whatever dream motivates you, there is a place for you at THU. This short video will show you how…

THU Long Story Short

January 2013

THU is born

Turning a dream into reality, André Luis takes the first steps to put Trojan Horse was a Unicorn and Portugal on the map, announcing Trojan Horse was a Unicorn to the world...

May 2013

The birth of the Unicorn

José Alves da Silva and Serge Birault join forces to concept and create the first poster for Trojan Horse was a Unicorn, much to the delight of the digital art communities.

Poster 2013 b9a1565d2ba0bb517074ef1d18e4a50cdb4469149cfbeea15e42cd781a05fab8
12-13 September 2013

THU takes its first steps

250 Pioneers step onto Tróia for a life-changing experience. Small in size but big in spirit, the event proves that THU is unlike any other art event the world has seen...

First steps 1 eaf158dffcc4ec0ca6cb3b244af5c711de822d11e029ae01986bd9b552ad9e91
First steps 2 952fe0c5d9e316223acbb62c2c7ab19f60c1c7a2a9420d80787043bf47a01306
January 2014

The first Battle

THU gets serious. The word is out; everyone is talking about Trojan Horse was a Unicorn. Techno Image crafts a mighty poster to set the scene for 2014...

Poster 2014 f48799ce2be4e047a66890c29173d2725c33ab8ac36b6ba5a3489f7f962397f7
17-20 September 2014

The THU Tribe is born!

THU attendees double in numbers and the speakers reach new levels of legendary status. THU Ambassador Scott Ross welcomes all attendees to The Tribe. A new voice is found.

Tribe 1 b5ac81d77d71c803e93b1ea1a025674a7bd7732484322a72f9e8be1cb6135030
Tribe 2 21d5d39996f29ab106485576c1f5b8f1119151ea3fa996cf5d9167a58b08a07f
March 2015

The beginning of the end

Tickets to the third edition of Trojan Horse was a Unicorn sell fast and furiously. Tickets are snagged by attendees from all corners of the globe, making THU another truly international event.

Poster 2015 ea4aec1283bc955f722291b8f863b2c1b019ab044a1b7e7b560d5c5eb8c89770
15-19 September 2015

The big date is approaching

Trojan Horse was a Unicorn 2015 is almost upon us. Tickets to the event have sold out, but you can still reap the rewards of the first-class presentations and get all the insider scoops by become a virtual attendee with THU TV. Follow the link to find out more...

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Expect the unexpected

The traditional hardcore THU schedule is just the beginning. Expect impromptu drawing sessions, one-on-one chats with art legends, and lots more unique surprises on top!

You're standing on the shoulders of giants

This is your journey. You were brought into this life to dream, to learn. It doesn’t matter if you’re a painter or a writer, a sculptor or a composer. You’re never alone at THU.